Maritime Network Systems
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Protector MK4
Protector MK4

Seenite LMD
Seenite LMD

stainess steel CCTV
Stainless steel CCTV

Network CCTV
Network CCTV

Message terminal
Message terminal

Tender tracking
Tender tracking

Detect, Communicate, Deter

The protector system enables the operator to detect approaching vessels and then communicate in order to determine intent prior to escalation of conflict.
  • Cameras
    • Thermal imaging camera for detection of heat sources in total darkness or fog.
    • Ultra low light B/W camera
    • High resolution zoom camera
  • Dual purpose search lamps with strobe function for deterrent
  • Laser target tracking with laser disruptor function
  • Acoustic laud hailing with LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device)


  • Gyro stabilized platform
  • Radar target tracking
  • Joystick control
  • Carbon fibre housing


cctv on the computer network

By running the CCTV system on the computer network, you can easily access any CCTV camera from any onboard computer. With a pocket PC and wireless network, you’ll be able to see the entire boat by logging on to any camera as long as you have wireless access. We install base stations to cover the entire boat, and up 200m from it with an outdoor antenna.
  • Easy to integrate with existing CCTV network.
  • Possible to automatically upload pictures to a web site, or send pictures to an e-mail address when an alarm is raised.


yacht and tender alarm and tracking

Our CombiGuard Marine Yacht alarm is a compact yacht alarm that protects your yacht. Now you don’t have to worry when you are away from the yacht. You will be alerted by SMS in case something happens.


  • Intruder alarm – with wired or wireless sensors
  • Alarm with fire, gas or water leakage +temperature alarm
  • Built in GSM for sending Alarms by SMS
  • GPS interface or built in GPS for tracking of yacht’s position
  • Wireless Remote for controlling alarm + panic alarm
  • Remote configuration status by SMS


With MNS tender tracking you will be in control of the location and status of your tenders. From any PC onboard you can follow the tenders actual position, course and speed displayed in an electronic chart display and information system. Follow the location of your yacht or charter fleet from a computer anywhere in the world with internet access. Updates to e-mail or on internet map.


New SOLAS requirement, mandatory from 2008: All ships affected by the regulation are required to be equipped with a Long Range Identification and Tracking system(LRIT).
More information is available at I M O
MNS deliver compliant Inmarsat C and Inmarsat D+ systems.


Mandatory from 1 July 2004: All ships over 500 gross tons are required to be equipped with a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS), which is capable of discreetly raising the alarm to the relevant authorities and tracking the vessel if the security of the vessel is compromised.
MNS deliver compliant Inmarsat C, Inmarsat D+ and Iridium systems.


IMO compliant Automatic Identification Systems

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