Maritime Network Systems
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Marine IT

At MNS we specialize in providing effortless Internet connection and onboard IT for yachts. We install and support for the following systems:
  • Internet connection
  • Onboard network
    • Onboard computer network distribution, - wired and WiFi
    • Marine computers and displays
    • Onboard servers for files, backup, media, internet access and firewall, etc.
    • Remote configuration and support service
  • 4G data airtime. - MNS Data roaming SIM at a fixed monthly cost for Europe, US, Australia + parts of the Carribean
    • Spain Only 4G data SIM, 120 and 200GB/m
    • 4G data Roaming SIM for Europe, 50 to 250GB/m
    • 4G data Roaming SIM, World Plan, 50 to 1000GB/m


VSAT systems provide you with a transmit/receive satellite antenna, providing always on high speed Internet and telephony at sea.

With VSAT you have the bandwidth you need to be in business as VSAT gives you multi channel voice-, data- and video communication, all at the same time. Solutions can be integrated with your business applications, making your yacht a branch office in your corporate voice and data network. VSAT gives a fixed bandwidth between ship, via satellite, and onshore HUB station. (more)


wireless internet connection for the entire boat

With a wireless (or wired) computer network, you can share your internet connection with all onboard computers and devices. You will also get the additional gain of sharing printer and files on the network.
We will perform a coverage test to determine if one access point is adequate to cover the area you want, or if you need more access points, - and the best location for these.

wireless internet connection between boat and shore

When your yacht is in port, the onboard wireless client scans for available WiFi networks, giving high speed  internet connection throug the port WiFi network. The internet connection is available to all computers onboard through additional onboard wireless Access Points, giving coverage for the whole yacht.

4G / LTE

GSM routers for the new generation of GSM (4G/LTE) are now available. The new standard provide ultra fast up to 150 Mbit/s for 4G“always on” internet connection. The router will also automatically connect to the existing 3G or 2G network when outside 4G coverage.

Pepwave 4G routers


With Inmarsat Fleet Broadband satellite antenna, you get a permanent and medium speed internet connection with almost global coverage. The favourite choice for most yachts due to the compact antenna size. Sailor have 3 Fleet broadband antennas available: (more)


Special made for marine and bridge applications, our new TFT flat screen monitors and computers are the obvious choice for radar, charts and other bridge applications. Approvals by DNV, Loyds and ABS.

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