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Lantic Entertainment Systems

The Lantic Marine Entertainment System is a bespoke multi-room server based AV system built specifically for the large Yacht and Superyacht market.

Lantic Movie Service

Lantic launched at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show a bespoke entertainment content service that delivers movies and music direct to yachts for fast and easy upload into their Lantic media servers. The service is highly flexible, allowing users to specify individual movies as well as request general selections based around their own preferred genres. Almost any movie in any language that is currently available as an official DVD or Blu‐ray release can be supplied, along with a wide range of TV dramas and documentaries. The same universal scope applies to music tracks and albums. Users can also opt for regular updates that deliver the latest releases to be issued on DVD / Blu‐ray.

2011 suite

Lantic Suite 2011 have brought a new, improved user interface, the latest in server and multimedia processing technology, Blu-ray conversion and playback, unlimited media storage and much more. See pdf leaflet for details

HD/Blu-ray and Audio distribution

The Lantic system has a central media library for accessing over 10,000 audio files and 1,500 video files (including Blu-ray), with an intuitive graphical user interface for navigation through your music and movie collection. iPod integration allows local access to individual music collection in the operator’s area.

Lantic Pro

Lantic Solution


Lantic’s innovative new HD Streamer features four individual HDMI input ports that enable it to stream four separate HD channels simultaneously. The unit is both exceptionally compact and energy efficient, making it easier to install and far more effective in its use of space than the alternatives. Having four channels in a single housing also makes expanding an onboard AV system much more straightforward. The Lantic HD streamer has the capability to encode up to 1080p HD video and each unit can control four satellite receivers using infrared. This enables it to stream up to four simultaneous H.264 audio/video signals in a multicast format on Ethernet via a managed switch.

Cabin Control

The system also easily integrates seamlessly with Lantic’s cabin control system for lighting, heating, air con and blinds etc. which can also be offered as a standalone cabin control system separately.

Iconic Remote Control

The remote control for the system is incredibly easy to use with its ergonomic design and intuitive control allowing Owners and guest’s instant control.
A key differentiator over other (home) solutions are the built-in video inputs for sending satellite TV, navigation displays and CCTV to any area. All main equipment is located in a central rack, and in each area a single entertainment centre is fitted which includes a built in 5.1 surround sound amplifier. - connected to the central media server via CAT 6 infrastructure throughout the vessel.

The Lantic Experience

To visit the Lantic Website: Lantic Entertainment Systems

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