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Inmarsat C
Inmarsat C

Iridium Openport
Iridium Openport

Fleet Broadband 150
Fleet Broadband 150

Fleet Broadband 250
Fleet Broadband 250

Fleet Broadband 500
Fleet Broadband 500

Thuraya Marine
Thuraya Marine

Inmarsat and Iridium

VSAT is not the only option when it comes to satellite communication solution for yachts:
Inmarsat was the first satellite communication system available for vessels. The latest generation, Fleet Broadband launched in 2007, offers high speed data communication with data transfer speed up to 432 kbps.
Iridium is a low orbit satellite system, with 66 satellites (+spare satellites). This is the only system offering true global coverage. The Iridium phones are available both as portable handheld terminals and as marine terminals. The Iridium phones have been popular as a backup to Inmarsat or VSAT system. The data speed has so far been limited, but this has changed with the resent launch of the Iridium Openport system.


Introducing Iridium’s new maritime voice and data service – Iridium OpenPort – the world’s first global, high-speed network specifically engineered for the marine market. Iridium OpenPort offers true IP connectivity with up to three phone lines available for simultaneous use. Equipment is easy to install and surprisingly affordable. Iridium OpenPort delivers more bandwidth at a better price to your customers and their fleets.


  • Three separate phone lines
  • High-speed data
  • Flexible and attractive pricing packages
  • Lightweight, low-profile satellite antenna
Data Antenna Size Antenna Weight
Iridium Openport
9.6-128 kbps 57x23cm 11kg


With the newly launched Inmarsat Fleet Broadband antennas from Sailor, broadband data is available through the Inmarsat satellite system. With near global coverage and compact antennas, the Fleet Broadband system is the system of choice for all yachts doing extensive cruising. - Either as a standalone system, or as a backup to VSAT.

The Fleet Broadband system is charged /Mbyte used, and the prices have been significantly reduced compared to the previous Inmarsat Fleet system.

3 different antennas are available with FB150:

Data Speed Dome diameter Antenna Weight
Sailor Fleet Broadband 150
150 kbps 27,5 cm 3.9kg
Sailor Fleet Broadband 250
284 kbps 27,5 cm 4,2kg
Sailor Fleet Broadband 500
432 kbps 63cm 16kg


With coverage for Europe, Middle and Far East, Thuraya has become a popular satellite service especially in the Middle East. The system is available with compact hand-held dual-band satellite and GSM phones. A marine version is also available.

thuraya coverage map

Click to enlarge map

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